85x55mm LayoutPfalzcard plus 3mm Beschnitt previewLook forward to many exciting additional services that are already included in your apartment rental.

4 people in the apartment "Pusteblume"
from 3 days € 125.00
Weekly price € 750.00 = stay 7 days and pay for 6 days

3 people in the apartment "Pusteblume"
from 3 days 115.00 €
Weekly price 690.00 € = stay 7 days and pay for 6 days

2 people in the apartment "Pusteblume"
from 3 days € 105.00
Weekly price € 630.00 = stay 7 days and pay for 6 days

Prices can increase during larger events and trade fairs

We charge a short-term surcharge of € 25.00 / night for less than 3 days.

Pet € 8.00 per day

Please bring your four-legged friend your own blanket or basket.

TipTop breakfast buffet in the Hotel BURGBLICK for € 8 / person

Half board in the Hotel-Restaurant BURGBLICK with 3-course menu from 3 days € 21.00 per person / day

V-DSL with your own password for free

Parking and storage for motorbikes and bicycles free of charge / e-bike rental / e-bike charging station



Dog in the cottage

Dear four-legged friend,
we warmly welcome you to the Haus am Sonnenhügel!

Hund im Hotel

For your exemplary appearance here, in short, your personal four-legged house rules, which you please quietly tell your mistress:

  • Please NEVER leave me alone in the apartment!
  • Please also remind me that I keep all four paws on the floor and do not jump or lie on chairs, benches, sofas, beds, etc.!
  • Please remind me that I don't bother the other guests with my barking of joy, in case I should forget!
  • I brought my own nice blanket or basket from home. Only I am allowed to use it!
  • Our timely walk does not start in front of the front door or on the premises of the holiday home, but in the wild. Please also make sure that my business does not disturb your fellows!
  • I have brought my own, beautiful dog harness from home and I am the only one who eat and drink from it. You also have your own dishes!
  • Please go for a long walk with me in Musikantenland, so that in the evenings I fall dog-tired on my blanket!
  • If I'm allowed to go to the hotel restaurant for dinner or breakfast, I shouldn't disturb the other guests.
  • I want to prove to the Eder family that you raised me well and that I am an exemplary well-groomed four-legged friend!

Oh yes, before I forget it: supposedly the weather is always nice in the Palatinate Bergland - Kuseler Musikantenland. But if I should come home soaked wet, please dry me with my own towel, because at least it has my scent brand and is not so hygienically white!

With hospitable greetings
we wish you a good stay at the Haus am Sonnenhügel

Your Eder family